Modular Planter

The Landscape show 2023 Coolest Product Award

Modular Planter

Introducing our innovative modular planter, a versatile gardening solution designed to elevate your green space to new heights. This ingenious creation consists of three distinct modules, each thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly interlock, offering endless possibilities for customization. With the ability to stack and arrange these modules in up to six unique configurations, you have the freedom to adapt and evolve your garden to suit any space or aesthetic.

Transform your space with our versatile 6-in-1 planter modules! Stack them in three unique combinations for a dynamic display, or showcase each module individually for a touch of elegance. The perfect blend of flexibility and style for any setting.
With a 3-gallon capacity, this serves as the base module, providing a stable foundation for your plants.
Boasting a 5-gallon capacity, this module is designed to perfectly fit its corresponding nursery pot, ensuring optimal growth conditions.
The largest module with a 7-gallon capacity, it stands as a striking centerpiece in any garden, offering ample space for a diverse range of plants to thrive.
The three modules are ingeniously designed to stack together, offering a total of six unique combinations. This seamless integration allows for endless possibilities in customizing your garden setup.

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